Why I became an Empire Avenue Leader

I could have been amongst the first few to become a member of the EA Leaders community but I was putting off my decision because $100 is a big amount in India. $100 is the equivalent of Rs.6700, and with the low cost of living (Rs.6700 can get me 120 haircuts, including tip) I was unconvinced of the value addition. Then came an article on the Leaders Upgrade that changed my perspective.

eavleaders_badge I am a social media enthusiast with almost 5000 Facebook and 16000+ LinkedIn contacts and ever hungry to increase my network of contacts, I decided to take the plunge and get my car serviced (that’s where my wife thinks I spent those Rs.7000). Since then I have made lots of friends and have started to enjoy the platform all that much more with the pies, promoted missions; and most of all, the coveted Leaders Badge.