About us, the Khares

Rahul Khare, Lake Mead

Lake Mead on way to Hoover dam

Rahul Khare, Mountain High

Stopped at Mountain High in Southern California on way back from Las Vegas and Hoover Dam

“Small Family, a happy family” goes the famous Indian family planning motto. The Khare family consists of Rahul Khare, 43, a Mechanical Engineer turned Software professional; Gitika Khare, 42, a Computer Science graduate serving the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India; Rhea Khare, 16 and a student of class XII; and Rishi Khare, 10 and a student of class VI.

Gitika Khare, Rahul Khare

My wife, Gitika

BatchMaster, Rahul Khare

BatchMaster Software

Gitika Khare, Rahul Khare

Gitika and I

Rhea Khare, Rahul Khare

My daughter, Rhea

Only Rahul writes at the moment.


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