I wish I could

I wish I could:

  • Say ‘Yes’ whenever I can
  • Say ‘No’ whenever I want to
  • Say nothing more often
  • Have a better grip on my temper and moods (To quote a friend, ‘I don’t get mood-swings. I get mood-playgrounds’)
  • Realize that ‘Patience is a virtue’
  • Turn back the clock
  • Not procrastinate
  • Be more positive
Do you have a list?

4 thoughts on “I wish I could

  1. Dear sir…….. I am not having any list but….copying yours Because you are a Gem of a person,you know yourself very well and the experience you got from your life helping others to spread positivity everywhere.


  2. That’s an interesting topic to write about.
    I wish I could:
    – Pay bills, yet save enough money.
    – Keep some time for myself by the end of each day.
    – Not talk to anyone for some time.
    – Not fake a smile.
    – Make a perfect balance between the work and non-work times.
    – Be satisfied with what I write on my blog [http://suyogketkar.wordpress.com].
    – Not make as many mistakes as I find others’.
    – Thank the lost ones for what they’ve given to me.
    – See what my children dreamt of when they were still infants (less than a year old).
    – Write poems (I know my writing sucks anyways).
    – Not think of anything for some time – without trying!
    – Become a dream husband, ideal son, and a perfect person – ironically, as on most occasions (and just as everybody else) I am a dreamy husband, an idle son, and a not-at-all perfect person!
    – Respond a lot more calmly, politely when I’m angry.
    – Become a bit more organized.
    – Begin to accept and appreciate the beauty in imperfection (this point doesn’t go that great with the previous one).
    – Learn a language in a day.

    But, I wish (and succeed) to stop the list, which can become endless. Read closely. I could have written that I wish I could talk to my father on what he wanted to tell. But, if there could be a list of wishes that I could do or achieve, I could live my life over and over, and still die unsatisfied. Is that really what I want?

    Maybe not. I think that endless wish list has room for only one item: I wish I could live in today. And, as of now, that item is still pending on my wish list!


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